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I own a boat, in fact I have owned two but they are not top of the range or expensive. Yes I know some people own boats that cost more than the average house and many see boat owning is like throwing money into a bottomless pit. That the boat spends most of its life sitting in the front yard or driveway and maintaining it can be a never ending process.

Ok, enough of that! I don’t pretend that boat owning is all bliss but the joy of being on the water far outweighs any negatives.

I live on the Gold Coast in Australia and it is one of the major tourist hotspots in the country. As a result, it can get very crowded but a quick trip in the car with the boat attached and I can be out on the water in areas where I never see another soul. The only noise I hear is the humming of the motor and the sound of birds in the trees and mangroves when I am at rest with a fishing rod out the back.

Such a scenario does much for our mental wellbeing. It is a stress reliever and makes us more aware of the beauty that surrounds us but is all too far away for most with our busy lives. The stresses we endure on land, stay there as we head to our little oasis!

A day on the water is the ultimate family outing. Whether a trip to an isolated cove for a swim and BBQ or some wakeboarding or the kids out the back in a plastic tube, will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Owning a boat is a unique experience that can lay the foundation to pursue greater adventures. Many serious sailors who now sail in the greatest open ocean races started from humble beginnings. Also many young people in their “gap years” before looking at tertiary education often become part of a commercial crew where they learn skills like developing teamwork with others who they would never meet in normal life.

As I said at the beginning, my boats were not expensive. Thirty bucks of fuel and I can go wherever I want for the day. Therefore boating can be a lot cheaper than you think. Take the family for an organized day out like the movies with food and drinks and the cost is a lot higher, believe me!

There is another benefit I haven’t mentioned till now and that is there are various forms of boating that is great for your fitness. Try paddling a kayak for an hour or controlling a yacht in unpredictable winds and the pulse rate heads north.

Finally, it is no surprise that the number of folks, who sell up and buy a yacht to sail around the world is on the increase. I mean hey, it is a pretty cheap way to travel and is there a better view to wake up to every morning? The answer is a definite no!


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